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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Choosing the Wrong Contractor

Many companies are out there and homeowners don't know how to make the right choice. How can you know who is a good company to use with so many in the phone book? It's really hard to choose. Many people look for your typical old guy that talks a big game, but with times changes and advance technology what do these men have to offer currently? There are many things that can help you decide who is right for you. Price is important, but shouldn't be the deciding factor. Many customers I have dealt with found out this the hard way. Why the cheap guys they choose was really cheaper. If there price seems too good to be true then this it probably is. If the company doesn't have a business card to offer you then how can they be a business?

With our current technology a website is becoming the norm and can provide you with a lot of helpful information about a company that you are looking at using and if someone does not have one then it can be a sign. Uniforms are  a key attribute you can also look for as a red flag. Many companies don't have them but a company that wants to portray a professional look will at least have their team wearing a company shirt. Credit card acceptance is also thing that can prove a serious business and proof they have plans to be around long term. Then insurance is a must if the company you are dealing with has liability insurances this is a great attribute and for your protection as well as their own.

There are so many companies out there and you want to choose one that stands out and is going to be around if something goes wrong. This would be why you look for a contractor who is current with the times and you will get a better chance of someone who will be here in the future. Always go with your instinct because if you have a good or bad feeling about them it’s usually right. Be mindful who you let work on your home because it’s you greatest asset and the passion that has the greatest finical value in your life. Good luck and do your research. 

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